Why ‘fat shaming’ is good.

Firstly, I’d just like to begin with the title, I mean, ‘fat shamming’ really? Already this gathers heaps and heaps of negative connotations; I tend to view this method as proactive encouragement to persuade individuals that aren’t perhaps their optimal weight to rethink their diet choices.

It’s no secret that we live in a society that’s becoming increasingly engrossed by fast food restaurant chains, they've now become a staple in some people’s diet and to me this is just wrong. By no means am I being cruel to the overweight and obese population but my opinion is backed up by scientific knowledge. As far as I’m concerned I’m yet to read a study that proves being overweight is ‘good for you’ and that the cholesterol doesn't in fact cause an atheroma that then lead to a stroke or heart attack and ultimately death. From the same token, I’ve never seen that consuming a mindful and balanced diet causes heath implications like asthma and arthritis, this is because excessive amounts of fats and sugars is bad for you, FACT.

Overweight individuals have no scientific grounds to stand on when It comes to an argument such as this.

I am all for loving your body shape and I’m not suggesting that size 0 is the only acceptable size, but how could someone justify the fact that they love their body when their only filling it with toxins that are packed into all of this processed junk food. I’m not trying to convert the entire world to a vegan lifestyle here but leafy greens aren’t the satin of foods and it’s evident that the way we live now is not sustainable in terms of what we consume.

Individually, I’m just a person writing down my opinion that poses little to no influence to the world but together it’s possible for us to change the whole dynamic of the way we view food and we can control what food brands we empower. As the current situation stands, we’re manipulated by these junk food brands that create marketing schemes to compel vulnerable individuals to stuff their veins with cholesterol.

This is where ‘fat shaming’ comes in, enlightening individuals who do fall victim to the scheming ways of brands that have no interest in bettering our health but only see dollar signs. Why we fight amongst ourselves when we should be fighting against corporations like McDonald’s and KFC to name but a few, I don’t know.

The reason why I decided to write about this ‘taboo’ subject is because just pretending like obesity isn’t a problem is a problem in itself, and pretending that obesity isn’t caused by poor diet choices is just bizarre, blaming it on alternative health problems is ridiculous when these health problems were caused by the poor diet in the first place.

It’s time for change, food shouldn’t be a battle but an aid that assists us all through life. 

One's health is priceless.