50p Topshop Jeans

I love a good bargain just as much as the next person; I find fulfilment in hunting out an amazing deal instead of carelessly plucking an overpriced piece of clothing from a high street store rack. This attitude lead me to the discovery of boot sales, over the past few weeks I've picked up a few gems that would have cost me a small fortune to buy direct from the store, these pieces being Topshop jeans.

I managed to pick up 3 pairs that had never been worn the seller advised me, after I heard this I expected her to ask for at least £15 for each pair but to my astonishment she said 50p for each pair!

Firstly I got a pair of ‘Petite MOTO Hyper Blue Wash Joni Jeans’ (RRP: £36 and still in stores)

Secondly I got a pair of ‘MOTO New Black Wash Baxter Jeans’ (RRP: £40 and still in stores)

Lastly I got a pair of ‘MOTO Blue Black Wash Leigh Jeans’ (RRP: £38 and still in stores)

So in total I got £114 worth of brand new Topshop jeans but all I paid was £1.50!

The quality of these jeans overall are so ridiculously comfy it feels like I'm wearing leggings as the material is so soft and form fitting to the legs and as a girl shorter than average some may say the cuts of the petite range compliment shorter legs beautifully. With that said I still wouldn't be able to justify spending so much on a pair of jeans that don’t look any different to a pair half the price. In conclusion I am now a boot sale addict and will continue to shop like a mad woman in the hunt for fabulous deals!