Kylie Jenner Make Up Dupes

As previously mentioned in my ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ post I have been very interested in Kylie Jenner’s style particularly her signature simplistic look she creates in her fashion and makeup. 

I have been trying to recreate this look but without breaking the bank, I’ve done some extensive research into some dupes of the high end make up items she uses that allow me to create her style for a fraction of the price and that’s what I’m going to share on here!

I’m going to focus on 3 main areas, those being:


Firstly her lips have been very much up for discussion recently as it’s been questioned if she’s had lip filler (it’s obviously not true!) I’ve discovered one of the lip products she uses to create such a dramatic effect and it is ‘Velvet Teddy’ by MAC, along with this find I’ve discovered an amazing dupe that looks exactly the same and it’s ‘Bebot Love’ by Wet’n’Wild. The finish of these products is exactly the same, a slight sheen is created in order to make the lips look fuller.


Next is her eyelashes, it typically looks like that on a daily basis she wears false lashes but it’s claimed that one of her favourite mascara brand is Lancome but a cheaper alternative that is considered to be just as good is Maybelline, ‘The Falsies’ is compared to Lancome's ‘hypnose doll’ mascara and is believed to be better by many, the wands are fairly different but the product is of the same consistency resulting in the same effect once applied to the lashes, fuller and longer.


Lastly, her brows possess an element of naturalness as they're left messy after filling them in but cleaned up slightly with the YSL highlighter, the actual brow product she uses is the ‘Envy Kit’ by Too Faced, a dupe I found for this is NYX’s Eyebrow Kit. Apart from the price there’s not much difference between the two products in terms of quality and staying power, it’s an amazing dupe.

These are my 3 drugstore beauty secrets that allow me to create a Kylie Jenner looks without the cost of all those high end products that are often only as expensive as they are because of the brand!