Quick Fix To Healthy Hair

I myself have extremely long hair, and with this comes an extremely long hair care routine that as of late I have been neglecting somewhat. I’ve done a lot of damage to my hair over the time; everything from bleaching it (several times) to not cutting it for, I regret to say, years. I’m not a massive fan of store bought hair products due to all of the chemicals and unnatural sourced ingredients that come from products like conditioner masks, I enjoy to use them immensely as they leave my hair feeling luxurious, however I use natural alternatives so I know exactly what I'm putting on my hair.

Keeping long hair under control is a full time job in itself; I tend to turn to products to assist me in this unruly battle, like hair conditioning masks to give my hair a well put together look and to keep those flyaways at bay. I initially came across this method as I wanted to lighten my hair from a dark chocolate brunette to a lighter summer appropriate brunette but no results prevailed, never the less it left my hair looking and most importantly feeling glorious!

The magic ingredient I'm discussing takes shelter in just about everyone’s kitchen and it’s…HONEY!

The beneficial properties possessed by honey fills a list about the length of my arm, a few of them being: it acts as a humectant (helps the hair retain moisture) and it’s an anti-bacterial (promotes healthy scalp).

I simply mix 1 part honey to 3 parts hair conditioner, and then apply it all over my hair starting at the ends and starting at the ends and working up to the roots, after it has been applied all over the hair I put on a shower cap to prevent the contamination of honey onto every possession I have . I leave this to sit for roughly 3 hours and pass time by generally browsing the internet for the whole time! I then jump in the shower to wash it all off for about 10 minutes to ensure it’s all out, and then just towel dry, I tend to do this every 2 weeks.

After this my hair feels so soft and light because it’s not like a store bought hair mask that just cakes product into hair to give it that fake feel of softness that doesn’t last past the first wash. I swear by this beauty secret not only because I slack in caring for my hair and need a quick fix that I don’t need to do on a daily basis but the result is so much healthier for my hair than any other mask I've used regardless of the price.