Feng Shui In The Bedroom

Recently I’ve been researching into Feng Shui and only to discover that my bedroom would probably be a Feng Shui believers nightmare, I have a mirror reflecting my bed and a TV in my room, to name but a few. I do myself believe in positive/negative energy and the arrangement of furniture can hinder ones energy ora.

I have since altered my room slightly to comply with the rules of Feng Shui, the consequences of not abiding by the rules result in Si Chi (bad energy) and becoming ill with depression for example due to this decaying and lifeless energy.

There are 3 main rules to follow in order to create positive energy, they are:

The colour scheme: bedroom colours should be warm and natural as this is a place where the body renews itself and needs to be in a relaxed state to do so as the body is in a state of rest, the colours determine the quality of the energy’s renewing qualities.

The position of the bed: as this is where the actual renewing of energy takes place and the position of the bed can affect the efficiency of this. The bed shouldn’t be near a door or under a window as this causes personal energy to weaken over time as no support or protection is offered in this position.

Items in the bedroom: there should be a constant supply of fresh air that’s rich in oxygen and there should be a good quality of natural light in the room. Actual items that shouldn’t be in the room are things such as TV’s, exercise equipment and no clutter as this can distract you from rest, symbolize wakefulness and take up energy.

It’s a matter of opinion as to whether individuals believe in this kind of thing or not but I do personally as I also believe in the supernatural and other life forms, it’s just one of those topics that people either understand or don't depending on the mindset of the person.