Flower Addict

I love finding new and quirky items that offer an opportunity to add a splash of colour to any room due to their versatility despite the bold and unique statement they make!

This find was no different, I always seem to be caught off guard when situations such as these strike up, I was walking through a market when I came across a stand made up of a sea of wooden roses in several colours that when the correct colours matched together can deliver an entirely different feel to any space-the thought of this caused me to develop a sense of excitement as the interior designer in me took over and I had a thousand colour combinations running around my head at once.

I bought a bunch of 12 for a measly $4, I think it was at this moment that my flower addiction started, but I don’t tend to buy real flowers as they're dying the second they’re cut, slightly morbid I know but it's fact, this just isn't a good investment to me. As a substitute to fund my flower addiction I direct my cash to long lasting plants like: cactuses and orchids to implement an aspect of real greenery to my room.

In conclusion my run in with this quirky little store may have fuelled an addiction that I may one day regret but as of right now I will pursue the task of turning my bedroom into a florist.