DIY Naturally Flavoured Water

During the winter I think we all tend to forget about our bodies and never notice those extra pounds under layers and layers of warm knitted clothes but when it comes to summer and the cobwebs are swept of the bikinis, I have to admit at least I regret that daily hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows with a lovely sweet snack I ate during those cold days.

Most of us all being lovers of quick fixes that don't require much effort or willpower tend to fail in the mission of shaping up for summer, as have I year after year. This summer I decided that I was going to lose a few pounds, I made several changes to my diet in order to banish that stubborn podgy belly.

One change being I swapped all sugary drinks for natural flavoured water. Water can be considerably boring when that’s the only option so I took it upon myself to be slightly creative and chop up some fruits and make up my own flavoured water that detoxes the body. To motivate me I bought an Aladdin water bottle so I'd know exactly how much I was drinking and so I could take it with me wherever I went to constantly stay hydrated.

Combinations that are a favourite of mine are:

Orange + Lemon,

Cucumber + Lime + Mint,

Orange + Lemon + Lime,

Strawberry + Orange + Mint.

The benefits I've found from drinking roughly a litre of naturally flavoured fruit water have been everything from clearer skin, feeling less bloated to actually losing weight. I'd highly recommend this lifestyle change to anyone because it’s so simple and I now after doing this for roughly 3 months I prefer water to sugary fizzy drink, I quite simply can’t stomach the fizziness anymore! Overall I think this has been a successful mission and I will most definitely keep this up, the benefits from such a simple little swap are absolutely amazing!