My Two Pence on the Miss Great Britain Scandal (Zara Holland)

This may not be of the most popular opinion but I have to say that I am a huge advocate for Feminism and equality, but this is a completely separate matter. 

In order to win the title, the lovely lady not only has to have stunning looks but also has to have a well rounded personality who stands as a face for the Miss Great Britain brand. 

Prior to entering Love Island the organisers claimed to have spoken with Zara Holland about the strict policy of no sex on TV. I can appreciate this as although the argument of 'sex is a natural thing' (which I completely understand) but Zara is no longer conforming to the conditions that she once did in order to represent the brand. 

Bottom line: Zara Holland knew upon entering the show that it was against the conditions of the organizers to have sex on TV and if I was in her shoes it may have crossed my mind that if I did that there would be consequences, which there were. 

I use the comparitive of a teacher having racy images on the internet, the two just don't coincide with one another. 

You do not have to agree with this opinion, but at least consider it as you formulate your own. Perhaps my mind will change as the drama unravels, but at this point in time I stand with the opinion that she no longer stands suitable to represent the brand and so it is within the rights of the organisers to strip her of her title and representative status. 

The following statement comes from the organisers themselves which I feel as though justifies the current opinion that I uphold: 
"Zara is a lovely girl, we understand that this is out of character for her and that she truly regrets her actions; however, the decision simply comes down to the fact that she has broken the rules of the competition. Miss Great Britain works with charities, children & young, impressionable people; our title holder must be an ambassador and this public behaviour does not support the ethos of our brand."