Out With The Old and In With The New (Bag Update)

With regret, I have to say that I have moved on from my Topshop Boxy Tote and there's a new bag in town. This bag being the Zara Mini City - I really do have a thing for bags with long and ridiculous names, also for bags that are really difficult to get my mits on! 

I'll just insert a few photos here for you to feast your eyes on this beauty. 
(I just have to add that I am not just inserting the photos of two different colours for illustrative purposes, I really do have the bag in pink and the blue - my bank account is well and truly feeling somewhat deflated!)

Before talking about the new bag I feel as though I have to give an updated review on the Topshop Boxy tote...

I have to say that the bag did last me a year, but it did begin to look slightly sad looking as the handles fell to the sides and the only thing holding the bag up was the centre compartment, this may just be due to the soft material that did withstand a plethora of weather conditions. Despite these complaints, I do have to say that to keep a bag in a useable condition for a year is a huge achievement and I can do nothing other than praise this bag for that singular reason. Spending £40 and then splitting this up into 12 months mean that this bag costed me £3.33 a month. I call that a bargain!

 Anyway, back to the main point of this post:

I adore the colours and I am not one to believe that a bag needs to coordinate with an outfit, it should stand out, I'd even go as far as to say it should clash. (Within reason!) So, I'm not worried about how the colors will style with outfits. 

If you're an organisational freak like me, then you will appreciate the amount of compartments that this bag has! I shall list them now: there is a front compartment, and inside the bag is divided into 3 sections, 2 of which have a zip on either side of the main compartment and in the main compartment there is 3 pockets ranging in sizes. 

The material (being a faux leather, of course) is so strong and the metal hardware reinforces all of the durability that this bag has to offer. So, unlike the Topshop bag, I have better hopes for the future of this bag's longevity. 

I imagine that I will be back in a few months to a year to give an updated opinion on these two bags after they have suffered the wraths of what is my lifestyle!