Book Review: I LET YOU GO - Claire Mackintosh

Disclaimer: I can not foresee what spoilers that this post may entail, so if you haven't read the book please do not read on, or do - your choice. (I feel the need to insert a 'beware' sign, but I shall refrain myself from doing so).  

Claire Mackintosh's I Let You Go has been a stretch from my typical genre of choice, as I very rarely stray from the horror section at my local book shop. 

Through a recommendation I thought i would give this book a go and I have to say I loved it!

Although, there are a few criticisms (as an ameture critic) that I have to draw your attention to before I move onto the endless list of amazing things I have to say about the novel (which i will try to condense into a few sentences).  

Firstly, I found  the split narrative interesting at first, however after a few chapters it began to become somewhat repetitive and as much as I liked the character of the police man, the in depth narrative of his life deviated from the main plot of the novel. However, of course the author being part of the police force of a very similar case to that depicted in the book, I can appreciate why this part of the story is so paramount. 

I don't know whether it was just me and I read the book wrong but I was under the impression that the woman that the narrative follows was the mother of the dead child, not the woman who was in the car as the child was killed or whether this was part of the numerous plot twists. (Please let me know).  

I think through reading this book I may not have found my new favourite author of all time, but I definitely feel inclined to return to Claire Mackintosh's work as her writing style is simply amazing!