Killer Revision Tips to Help Ace any Test

With mock examinations looming for many of us, this solidifies the fact that any attempt to get away from the real thing in the forthcoming months will be futile. 
With mocks comes revision, unless you're part of the >0.1% that doesn't need to revise, and if that's the case, you lucky thing! Where can I get a brain like yours?
I for one suffer from a great deal of stress during this time primarily due to outside pressures I do have to say. (But that's a whole other blog post for another time!)
Time to get down to the point of this post, revision tips! I've experienced GCSE's and A levels, both of which triggered several minor mental breakdowns, so I thought I'd share some advice and tips for exams and more importantly the revision that goes on before hand! 
1) If you think that the 'revise the night before' technique will work then you will be sadly mistaken! I am a time conscious freak which makes me plan my days naturally and this comes in handy for when I do have to study. I suggest that you make a timetable of revision and break it down into subjects and then topics within the subjects. Not only will this help you keep on top of time but ticking off what you've done is one of the best things, this alone motivates me! (weird I know)
2) I am a self confessed stationery freak and can't get enough of it! New stationary around revision time really gets me in the working mood and I will definitely be putting up a blog post of all the new stationary bits and bobs I have been buying as of late. 
3) Whilst making revision notes on the computer is all well and good when you come down to actually do the exam (EEK! I know!) you will be hand writing it. So, whether this has scientific proof or not I strongly believe that hand writing revision notes helps me remember facts that I need for exams, from my limited time studying Psychology several years ago I think that this is called muscle memory? Again, I have no solid proof to make you believe anything I am saying! 
Anyhow, there are 3 of the key things that I do to at least try and achieve respectable grades because there are no universities at this present time that offer DDD. 
I wish you all luck in your future exams! 
Fingers crossed for all of us and in the words of High School Musical, we're all in this together! (Unless your Zac Efron and don't show up for the 10 year reunion).