5 Products I Couldn't Live Without

Everyone has beauty secrets and hacks, myself being no exception; I’m going to discuss 5 products that I simply couldn't live without on a daily basis.

The Garnier Oil Control Complete Vanishing Cream: this product is an absolute life saver during this hot and humid summer, it claims to mattify and visibly restores natural radiance leaving no white residue or tightness. I use this product as a primer due to its mattifying properties and it works wonders because once applied to the skin it goes slightly tacky to allow makeup to stick to it leaving flawless matte skin all day. Also the colour is green which is great as I am prone to redness around my nose so I don’t have to use more than one product on my base that causes a cakey look, who doesn't love a multi-tasking product?!

The Elf brow kit: as a serial over plucker I rely on brow products to transform my eyebrows into an aspect of my face that I don't want to hide in shame because of and this product does just that! With a wax to rebuild the brows and then set with the powder it takes a matter of minutes to get amazing brows for an amazing price, the only downside is that the brush is not of the best quality but I just use my own, problem solved. For a drugstore product I would seriously compare it to a similar quality of benefits brow products.

Aura By Swarovski Hair Mist: for the days I just don't have the time to wash my hair in the morning I spray this a few times all over my head and I'm good to go for the whole day. I got this product free when I bought miniatures of the actual perfume roughly a year ago now, by using this product sparingly due to its amazingly concentrated formula there’s still roughly 40% left, this is just crazy for a product I bought so long ago!  I just have to comment on the packaging as it’s so elegantly simple due to the soft pink frosted glass bottle with silver accents I find it just amazing to throw in my purse and go.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick In ‘Brick’: I adore this lipstick for several reasons, it’s incredibly pigmented, moisturises the lips and has a subtle beautiful shimmer when caught in the light. I'm a lover of the darker range of lipsticks so I do have quite the collection to compare it to and I have to say tis the best out of the lot, I will most definitely be repurchasing this lipstick and other shades in the collection in the future but it lasts so long I imagine I won’t have to for a good while, that’s always a plus when buying a high end lipstick!

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner: I find that by wearing such dark lipsticks I don’t want my eyes to look underdressed so I try to even it out with an intense winged liner. Trying the majority of all drugstore eyeliners I consider myself some sort of expert in terms of what eyeliners are a waste of money, this product not being one of them! The application is so easy due to its thick tapered felt tip, so one line is all it takes to perfect liner, the staying power is most definitely 24 hours, when I take it off after a 16 hour day there’s still the mark of where the eyeliner was! (A second face wash in the morning tends to fix this).