Naked & Lorac Pro Pallet for £4

As a lover of a good dupe, I do believe I’ve come across one of the most amazing yet! Does spending £30+ on Urban Decay's Naked palette or Lorac’s Pro Pallet not interest you? To solve all problems there’s a £4 drugstore dupe that is just as wonderful as the high end products themselves, that product is MUA’s ‘undressed’ pallet.

The colours off the MUA pallet are copies of the high end pallets, the pigment, consistency, application and staying power are the exact same, the only give away is that it’s in different packaging otherwise I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference! These are the main points I focus on to determine a good make up product from a poorly made one and this MUA pallet is most definitely one of the beauty must haves in the world of budget beauty!