Little Adventure

Walking is a relaxing activity that I like to incorporate into my daily life just in order to keep moderately active because if I don't I can eat and eat and eat without thinking twice whilst watching a TV programme like Orange Is The New Black, Dexter or replays of Doctor Who as waiting until the 23rd of August for the new episodes, without Matt Smith I may add, creates an absence of regular time travel in my life and I feel as though the crack in the wall as featured in numerous episodes represents the state of my heart. 

Moving on from my TV issues, walking is a favourite pastime of mine and I believe it’s my dogs as well despite the fact she has taken a liking to eating sand when we go the beach, she still loves a day of walking every now and again to obscure places with unfamiliar smells like when we walk to a couple of small islands that are all situated about 3 hours from the shore. 

When we have a good weather day here in the UK, every British person knows that they have to take full advantage of this rare occurrence. I did this by getting out for a walk (and with the naive intentions of tanning my ghostly white legs-needless to say I burnt) but asides from this there’s something about forgetting the world and walking as though I have no purpose.

At one of the islands it resembles something that would exist on mars as the red rock towers 
over everyone that walks under it and has a streak effect that creates a natural environment whilst on the island as none of it has been tampered by the hand of man meaning it is well and truly a beauty spot of nature. The other islands are grass covered with clusters of unkept flowers that make for the perfect photo opportunity. 

I find a day like this much more for filling and productive when compared to something like just sun bathing in the garden because of the amazing photo opportunities that arise whilst on scenic days out such as this one that are much more memorable than wasting away all of these beautiful summer days.