Making Decisions...

As a perspective university student I should be enthralled in the idea of pursuing my passions and desires which are all characterised by a degree, however I can only imagine a life this easy. 

The words "don't give up on your dreams" ring in my ears at the thought of what I want to achieve in life. It's a given that these words sound as though they originate from every cliche American coming of age film or spoken by a 40-something motivational coach, who is himself concerned with his receding hair line, but at least the sentiment is still there. Alas, these words have no inspiring effect on myself.    

Because of this, I am jealous of those who can see through this (overused) piece of advice and reach their dreams, not because I don't feel incapable of reaching my potential, but I do not in fact have dreams to reach. 

This personal quality of mine is fairly frustrating for others around me who want me to succeed but I don't think that those people can appreciate how infuriating it is for myself to not lack the motivation, but simply not have a particularly fond interest in any of my academics or extracurricular activities.  

As it stands, I have applied for a course that I have lost confidence in and therefore now, I am applying for a course at the completely opposite end of the spectrum with the only comfort in my decision being the secure job prospects at the end of the degree. 

As I draw this rant fueled by self-obsession to an end, I shall leave on this parting thought: I believe that this form of venting is healthy and allows one to clear their thoughts, perhaps leaving room to analyse everything within my life and make calculated decisions. 

Hopefully, I will one day be able to post an update on my future prospects that are backed with my interests and desire to succeed in life and above all ensure my own happiness in the process.