Hello, Spring!

Now that spring is around the corner (I can almost smell the budding daffodils) I thought that it would be appropriate to list 3 things that I'm going to miss about winter as well as 3 things I'm looking forward to about spring!

Firstly, lets talk about winter, as much as I have loved it, I will happily be welcoming the break from torrential rain storms and finger freezing sub-zero temperatures, here are a few things that I will miss:

The bobble hats and scarf 
Bundling up in some good old knit wear is one of the best feelings not only because I am quite the fan of layering but I have to admit it makes for rather cute Instagram snaps when you're on a winter walk.

Seasonal food
I've spoke about this before and my love / hate relationship with Christmas food continues... (I'm sure it shall continue into the coming months due to the stockpiled left over Christmas food enough to survive a nuclear winter - which is what this year has felt like!) I will miss the rum balls (a family favourite) as well as excessive amounts of delicious hot drinks, on those winter walks with your knits trying to get a new Instagram snap.

Although reading is a pass time that I carry all year round, with the excuse of the cold weather keeping you prisoner of your own house, this means more time for reading! I can see it now, a hot drink in my fairy lit room sat in my bed getting my nose into a good book, what more could you want from life? (It could be said that I am easily pleased)

Now, onto the more exciting things...

What I'm looking forward to this spring:

Late evening walks
Going on a walk in the UK in the evening? Well your limited to roughly 4 months of the year unless your taking a torch. Walking along the beach whilst watching the sunset is one of my favourite things to do! (Again, I'm easily pleased)

Dining outside 
There's something novel about eating outside whilst at a restaurant, maybe because much like walking in the evening, this is limited to a small portion of the year, that's England for you! 

The relief of wearing lighter lipstick colours 
As much as I love a good dark lipstick, the maintenance of this is endless! Re-touching, making sure there's no smudging and organising meal times around wearing said dark lipstick can be quite the event. Transitioning into spring permits lighter colours being worn, which are far less hassle! Don't get me wrong my darks won't collect dust until next winter but just the bright and light thoughts that come with spring brings out the lighter make up vibes! 

...And there you have it, as we say goodbye to winter we give a warm welcome to spring, a very warm welcome after the winter I've just had!