Kylie Jenner Make Up Dupes: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Seeing as the first post was one of my most popular posts so far, I thought it would only be suiting to do a second part, to what could become a series?! (With Kylie Jenner's look forever evolving this is very much a possibility) 

Firstly, I'd thought that I would focus on her recent release of the outrageously successful 'Kylie Jenner Lip Kit'. I still can't believe that they sold out in a matter of minutes and even more unbelievable that they started cropping up on selling sites for over 10 times the original values (or so the media has be believe).

Now I for one do not have the sort of funds to be paying hundreds of pounds on make up, so I took it upon myself to find a cheaper alternative which is exactly what I've done and the very reason for me to be writing this blog post is so that I can share this little treasure with you all!

The dupe that I have discovered are the Revolution: 

Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer

Here are a few favourites that I have noticed Kylie wearing lately (as well as a few of my personal favourites), however for the amazing price of £3 each! I could hardly believe it myself! 

The lasing power of these things is amazing, for the price I wasn't the least bit optimistic but I have (self admittedly) been proven wrong, for all the right reasons! 

The pigment is out of this world one layer is perfectly enough and I have conducted the glass test on several nights out (all for scientific research of course!) and I can tell you all now that there is no transfer onto the glass. To find this is a dream, getting myself into the bathroom, after a 20 minute queue, to re-apply lipstick on a perpetual basis is annoying  to say the least!

(I also used the images from the site)