60% off Real Techniques

When it comes to make up I am what some would consider a rookie. This is warranted by the idea that I don’t appreciate the expensive price tags that come with luxury products. One range in particular that has taken the blogger and YouTube world by storm is the real techniques brush range designed and produced by the YouTube personalities, Nic and Sam Chapman.

I must admit I do like the finer things in life but that being said I stick to my roots and repurchase old reliable that I know work for my skin and lifestyle. I was apprehensive to dive into the beauty trend and buy real techniques due to the fact that I am a hard core saver and don’t like spending my money, call me cheap.

I went on the search for a cheaper alternative and came up lucky on a site called ‘Ali Express’. They are a Chinese based company that supply products globally for incredibly cheap prices. Here I found real technique dupes for a fraction of the price. I purchased the ‘Core Collection’, ‘Travel Essentials’ and the ‘Starter Collection’ for a combined price of $26.50. (This converts to roughly £16.65)

Since buying these collections, I have since purchased a select few of the real technique brushes from here in the UK in my local Boots. I can confirm that the quality of these dupes match the quality of the real brushes since trying them all out for several months.

So, I suggest save your money and get the dupes!