Topshop PU Boxy Tote Review

The materialistic monster in me came out when I fell in love with this bag, but failed to buy it there and then in true Topshop style it sold out within a matter of weeks! This then lead to my scavenger hunt like search for this bag. As the bag was sold out in all Topshop stores, this lead me to call every Outfit (concession store) in England, or so that’s what it felt like. So, as most fairy tales end, I got my happy ending, the bag of course, and here I am to review it!
First Impressions:

Initially, I thought that the bag was slightly smaller in real life than I imagined – but this could just be me. However, I loved the material and structure of it!


As the material was so soft I was worried that the bag would be scuffed and scratched easily, but this wasn’t the case at all, unless I was very careful with the bag after spending £36 on it the material is most definitely durable. The only criticism is that because the material is so soft the bag lost some of its structure.


After initially thinking that the bag was rather small for a daily bag, I most definitely take that back. The size is perfect and allows me to only pack what I need as the bag isn’t outrageously big. I tend to pack my purse, small make up bag, bottle of water, magazine and phone along with a few other varying daily items.


The structure of this bag is amazing! I love the middle compartment that can be removed. I use it for my iPad mini as it fits perfectly in the compartment and for the front pocket I keep my iPhone and headphones. I feel as though this bag is designed for the typical white girl with too many apple products as the compartments are almost custom made!

Overall, I do love this purchase and the bag is worth every penny! I highly recommend that id you like this bag that you hunt one down for yourself!