UNI LIFE: The First day of Freshers

One thing I can't stress enough is utilizing social media! I am part of several facebook pages and group chats which allowed me to meet my flat mates and course mates before I even got to university. This stripped away all nerves I had about having to meet new people!  

On my first full day at university, a few course mates and I planned to meet up for coffee. (This turned out to be about 30 people in the end which was amazing for being able to put personalities to facebook profile pictures!) Initially, I was concerned that this would be awkward, however after asking the basic questions of 'where have you come from?' and 'what accommodation are you in?' natural conversation began to flow as I found similarities with others on my course. 

After, meeting for coffee we took a tour of the campus. I highly advise this if you're presented  with the opportunity to do so! Again, chatted with my course chums which allowed me to get to know them even more and further develop friendships so I didn't feel so alone. As well as this, becoming familiar with what lecture buildings I'll be in for the next year prior to the first day saves the stress of trying to find them on the day. 

Later that evening I went out to a bar with some of my flatmates for a chilled evening, sampled a few cocktails and ate some really bomb food.  

This pretty much wraps up my first official day at University!