UNI LIFE: My Advice

As I have been sampling the university life during freshers I have come across many hacks for living life on the cheap and making the most of living in a new city! 

  • A bit of a boring one to start off with but get your textbooks as soon as possible! Even though the libraries stock multiple copies of the same textbook there is no guarantee that there will be enough for one each. If you like the textbook then you can re-new the book for pretty much the entire semester. University is not like A-levels so there is limited relevant information on the general internet. 
  • Social media is your best friend prior to leaving for university! Join groups for people at your university, on your course and in your accommodation. Make friends to take the pressure off meeting all the people you will be living with/on your course on the first day.
  • During freshers walk as much as possible rather than using public transport in order to really understand where everything is and get a general feel for the city. This can also be considered as an apology to your body and get a bit of cardio in after testing the absolute limits of your liver during freshers. (When the deals on drinks are so good, it's a crime to say no!) 
  • Pinterest food hacks are an absolute life saver! (I will be posting a follow up blog of a couple of my favourite recipes to make when I have no money/motivation to cook). 
  • When you are in your accommodation, especially at the beginning of the academic year try and utilize the communal areas as much as possible in order to socialise with your flatmates. Staying in your room a lot will give other people in your flat that you are a hermit so they probably wont invite you along to much purely because they don't see you so they dont think to ask! 
  • Following on from the last point, try and keep as busy as possible. Not only does this allow you to meet amazing people but it takes your mind home and feeling home sick.
  • Even Though freshers is all about going out and having a good time, a lot of universities offer events during the day like fairs which normally has a lot of free stuff to offer so I highly recommend taking advantage of this! For instance, Dominoes were offering free pizza at one of the events I attended. FREE PIZZA. Need I say more?!
  • When it comes to freshers events makes sure you check whether the events are being held by the university or a private company as often events can clash with the university schedule. For example, buying tickets to a club one night and then having to attend a welcome lecture the following morning does not give off a good first impression when you turn up hungover still in your pajamas.  
  • When it comes to buying food, chain supermarkets are not as cheap as you think. For instance, your typical bottle of water is 70p(ish. Depending on where you live of course) however in a local chinese market bottled water is 30p! So, I recommend scoping out the local food markets for cheap grub!
That about wraps it up for advice and hacks I have for freshers!