UNI LIFE: Moving in

The decision I made to 'fly the nest' and re-establish my roots in a completely new city came to fruition yesterday so I had to pack my things into my car and drive into the unknown. AKA. Manchester (I'm a considerably over-dramatic person - haha)

Moving into my accommodation was considerably underwhelming, especially when I compare my experience to that of film and TV. I had to lug all of my belongings up 2 flights of stairs and then figure out how to turn on the heating because my apartment felt like I had moved to Antarctica rather than the North of England. Trying to get the hot water and heating to work takes priority to putting up all the cute soft furnishings you may have bought. (Should your accommodation even let you put them up - mine didn't)  

It took me a short while to unpack and after I had finished I sat there thinking, where the hell are my flatmates?! I was in the flat completely alone. Yes, it was as much fun as it sounds. Again, the underwhelming first day at uni theme continues.

Once my flatmates actually arrived, I started to become slightly more excited than previous as I actually had people to converse with. Side note - all of them are absolutely lovely and it's safe to say I lucked out on the flat mate lottery! This can literally make or break your entire uni experience. 

When it comes to meeting new people and making new friends, this is not my specialty by any stretch of the imagination. However with University it is true when people say 'you're all in the same boat!' (no matter how cliche this sounds, the principle still stands, so you should never feel alone!) 

As it stands, I am still trying to navigate my way around this new city whilst trying to make this unfamiliar environment my home. 

I'll sign off here, after not actually dedicating this post to one particular purpose other than running off random thoughts from my brain. 

I'll keep you posted on the uni life and all it's amazing opportunities as well as diar struggles. (dramatism in action)